Colgate Total Daily Repair and Oral Health


This post is sponsored by Colgate as part of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network.

Being a food blogger, I go through periods where I feel like I am constantly sampling foods. Especially as we start to go into fall, I will be so busy testing recipes for all of the delicious holidays we have in the coming months.

Often that means spending the day in the kitchen while the kids are in school. And lots of experimenting. With any recipe development comes a lot of taste testing. This can definitly affect my teeth as time goes on when I’m not the best at taking breaks in between tasting for brushing my teeth.

That’s where Colgate’s new Total Daily Repair comes in. I was sent a sample of Total Daily Repair as part of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network to sample. I’ve been using it for about a week and have been pleased with my experience so far. My mouth seems to stay feeling cleaner longer and I feel like my teeth are better protected in between brushings.

Colgate Total Daily Repair helps repair early teeth and gum damage…even before you know it exists. How does it do that? Colgate Total Daily Repair contains a multi-active formula that remineralizes the weak enamel to help prevent cavities while whitening your teeth. That makes me feel a little bit better when I’m super busy in the kitchen and forget to take a break to brush my teeth.

Colgate Total Daily Repair

It also kills the bacteria that causes gingivitis for healthy gums and it has a super fresh mint taste that I love. Strong enough to freshen my breath and make my mouth feel nice and clean after testing new recipes but not so strong that it is over powering.

I totally appreciated the long-lasting freshness of the toothpaste too and that even a couple of hours after brushing my mouth still felt clean and fresh. I love not having to worry about whether or not my breath smells fresh.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to give Colgate’s new Total Daily Repair a try and look forward to seeing even more results the longer that I use it.

This post is sponsored by Colgate as part of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network.


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