Freelance Round Up

Just wanted to share some of my recipe freelance articles with you. As always, you can see my entire portfolio over here. The parfaits (pictured later in this post) were probably one of my favorites I’ve done in the last month. It has been so HOT here (95-100 deg F for the past week) and this recipe is so cool and refreshing. It’s hard to be motivated to cook when you’re sweating just sitting there!


Balsamic Basil Grilled Flank Steak over at Craftzine. This is a great summer recipe, but was originally written with Father’s Day in mind. Goes great with artichokes and grilled red potatoes. I experimented with grilling baby artichokes and they were great. Recipe for those coming soon! Scroll to the end of the Craftzine article for additional Father’s Day recipe ideas. The recipe for the artichokes pictured with the steak is now posted here.


Tropical Fruit Parfaits on the Tablespoon blog. These are delicious and healthy. A great summer for breakfast, snacks, or dessert. Pair it with Greek yogurt for extra protein to keep your energy up throughout the day.


Crunchy Asian Pasta Salad on the Tablespoon blog. I made this last year with the sugar snap peas we planted in our garden and again a couple of times this year (we had a lot more peas this year than last). I love all the crunch and freshness in this dish and it is super easy to put together.


A simple way to roast whole garlic cloves over on Craftzine. I like to use the toaster oven because it uses less energy and produces less heat in the kitchen. Especially handy in the summer when you don’t want to roast yourself too!


Indian Spice Rub for Salmon on the Tablespoon blog. I am trying to experiment more with seafood and expand my horizons. I wasn’t raised eating seafood, so I haven’t aquired a taste for much of it. But that isn’t going to keep me from trying! I combine some of my favorite Indian spices with Salmon for this recipe.