Hello, Beautiful!

I am so excited to finally be able to show you what has been going on behind the scenes here at goodLife {eats} for months! Purr Design (aka Love and Olive Oil) and I have been hard at work transferring the blog to WordPress with a brand new design and template. I am so happy with how everything looks and I hope you find the changes to be positive as well. Thank you, Purr!

*Drumroll*…. Allow me to give you a quick tour of the new goodLife {eats}!

Check out the menu across the top. Here you’ll find:

  • About – details about me, my family, and how goodLife {eats} came to be.
  • Contact – contact info. Email, Twitter, Facebook…etc. If you want to get in touch with me, check out this page.
  • FAQ – questions that I’m often asked via email. I try to answer them here so everyone can benefit. Don’t be shy about asking questions, but please check here before you ask. I may have already answered it.
  • Recipe Index – new and improved recipe index! I hope you love this as much as I do. No longer just a list of links to the recipes on the site. Click on the category of interest (i.e. desserts) and you’ll see a photographic index of all the related recipe posts, plus a link to them.
  • Work With Me – if you’re a brand then this page is where you’ll find ways we can work together, examples of how I’ve worked with other brands before, advertising information, sponsorship opportunities, media features, and my disclosure.
  • Freelance – an organized list of links to my freelance articles on other sites.
  • Friends – an affordable place to advertise your blog or small business.

Check out the tabbed menu at the top of the side bar (the area to the right of the posts). Here you’ll find:

  • A welcome message from me.
  • My most recent Flickr uploads.
  • A search form – if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the recipe index, check here (or vice versa).
  • Subscription options
  • Recipe and post tags (i.e. topics I’ve assigned for the posts).

Within the posts there are several new features available:

  • Printable recipes. Yes, let me say that again: PRINTABLE RECIPES! So many of you have been asking for this. Now you can easily print the recipes in each post without having to copy & paste or print the entire page.
  • Link sharing options. Want to share the post via Twitter, Facebook, Email? Click the post link and scroll to the bottom of the post and there are icons with links to do that. You can also click the star to add the post to your favorites and click the thumbs up to like the post on Facebook.
  • Reply to comments. We can have a much better conversation now. You or I can reply to comments on each post and you’ll receive an email when someone replies to you so you don’t have to come back and check to see if I (or anyone else) answered your question.

Check out the footer at the bottom of the page. Here you’ll find:

  • My weekly meal plan, and links to recipes (if they’re available online)
  • The most popular posts on the blog
  • Recent comments

I’ll be putting together a survey soon with some questions about the new site, but in the meantime PLEASE let me know if you’re getting any errors, if there is something you’d like to see that I didn’t think of, something you love (yes, I’m a sucker for positive feedback), or something that makes the reading experience difficult for you (e.g. font to small or too light colored, etc).

Note about subscriptions: The RSS feed and Email Subscription options should transfer over from blogger. If you’re not receiving them, you might want to go ahead and re-sign up. If you were following me via blogger dashboard, you’ll probably want to choose a new subscription option.

I’ve gotten most of the images sorted out and uploaded for the recipe index, but I’m still working on converting all the old posts to printable recipes. I have to put the title, ingredients, and recipe in a special form to do this, but I will convert them all…eventually. All new posts will contain the printable option.