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Fresh herbs

chicken tetrazzini

Chicken Tetrazzini

Chicken Tetrazzini, sometimes called Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti, is a creamy and classic comforting chicken casserole that is perfect for the fall and winter months. Chicken Tetrazzini was one of the first recipes that I cooked for Eric before we were married. After his first bite he was convinced that I was a great cook. It’s …

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cilantro lime compound butter recipe

Herbed Compound Butters

This herbed compound butter can be used on bread, corn on the cob, grilled steaks, and more. Plus, you can easily make different flavors of compound butter! Click HERE to save this recipe for Herbed Compound Butter! Madeline has a thing for corn. Lately, every time we go to the grocery store she asks for …

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Cucumber Watercress Sandwiches

These cucumber watercress sandwiches are the perfect finger food recipe for a springtime baby shower. This tea sandwich recipe couldn’t be easier to make! Click HERE to save this recipe for Cucumber Watercress Sandwiches! Creating This Watercress Sandwich Recipe We’re celebrating our friend Amanda, from I am Baker, today with a Baby Shower! Amanda is …

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Balsamic Roasted Mushroom Risotto with Rosemary

Balsamic Roasted Mushroom Risotto

This Balsamic Roasted Mushroom Risotto recipe is dedicated to my dad. He absolutely despises mushrooms. When I mentioned this recipe he said “the balsamic roasted part sounds good.” I’m convinced that if he’d just give mushrooms an unbiased try he wouldn’t think they are nearly as horrible as the memory his mind has conjured up …

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Garden Vegetable Panzanella

Garden Panzanella

Here we go again, talking about our abundance of tomatoes. Are you sick of it yet? Don’t answer that. Would you be sick of all these tomatoes if they were yours? I’m not, because there are so many fresh tasting summer recipes to use them in before the season is over. Our latest tomato based …

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Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Kebabs

Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Kebabs

Every time I had planned to make these something came up. Bad weather. Too busy. Sick people. Especially bad weather. Our springs winds are strong and grilling just doesn’t work on a windy day. They’re also unpredictable. Now that we’re just weeks away from the official first day of summer, I’ve been able to grill …

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rosemary grilled potatoes

Herb-Grilled Potatoes

The weather is warm, or soon to be there, and grilling season is upon us. As a busy mom, there are few meals I like better than a meal on the grill. Why? Grill cooking seems to involve very little cleanup for me. No casserole dishes to scrub clean. No stacks of pots and pans. …

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Garden Fresh Panini with Leftover Roasted Chicken

Garden Fresh Panini

Today I’m guest posting for Marie over at Make and Takes. In celebration of Earth Day, I’m talking all about gardening. For more pictures of spring in Sunny, New Mexico and our garden head over and visit Make and Takes. We’ve been super busy getting our garden in and ready for the spring and summer …

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