To Taste Tuesday – Green Food

I’m back from my mini-vacation. I got to shop, have girly time with one of my oldest friends, have fun lunches out, get a pedicure, stay up late and sleep in, and catch a musical.

Eating yummy food was a must, but in the 115 degree heat we weren’t up for a whole lot of cooking. Somehow we managed to make Cucumber Garlic Chicken and Kiwi-Lime Bars (on different days – didn’t want to overextend ourselves, we were on vacation after all!) We enjoyed lunches at Cheesecake Factory (my friend said it was practically a sin that I’d never been), On the Border (Tex-Mex doesn’t exist in New Mexico and I constantly crave it), Mimi’s Cafe, and dinner at PF Chang’s before attending Wicked. If anyone knows how to make the Shrimp with Candied Walnuts, my friend and I are your new best friends. So delicious! And the Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwich at Mimi’s Cafe is worth figuring out how to recreate.

Wicked was absolutely FANTASTIC. I was so engrossed that I didn’t even realize the time passing and then suddenly it was already intermission. If the show is coming to your city, do not miss it. I’m already trying to figure out how and when I can see it again and crossing my fingers that they’ll make an equally fantastic movie out of it someday.

And because I loved Wicked so much, I’ve chosen all green foods for today’s To Taste Tuesday (in case you don’t know what Wicked is about – it’s the true story of the witches of Oz. You learn a lot more about the Wicked Witch of the West and what was going on in Oz before Dorthy showed up). Get it? Green witch, Emerald City…green foods. Now, go have a listen to the soundtrack. It’s fantastic! Did I already mention that? I had to suppress the urge to sing along throughout the entire show.

Do you have a recipe that you think goodLife {eats} needs to taste? Send me an {email} with your picture and recipe and maybe you’ll be a featured link!

*Photos from their respective owners as linked in the post.