Weekly Reads Online Book Club 1/28/13

Weekly Reading Online Book Club

I wasn’t kidding last week when I said that with a few days of travel I would have PLENTY of reading time that week.

Due to an unfortunate delay with my flight, I spent about 8 hours in the airport last Monday, followed by a flight from Denver to Chicago. About 75% of that time was spent reading, so before I even set foot on the airplane I had already finished with Promised (#3 in the Birthmarked series).

Overall I enjoyed the Birthmarked series. It was a nice read, good story, and entertaining, but I wouldn’t say I loved it. I felt that the story wrapped up nicely and there were certain events near the end that I never would have seen coming. But, there were some key points that I did not like at all.

The Enclave is full of nasty people doing things even more unthinkable than in the previous books. I won’t say too much for those who haven’t read it, but the book was definitely well titled. This portion of Gaia’s story was full of promises, and lots of them broken.

I started and also finished Reached (last book in the Matched series). A lot of books these days seem to tackle their story from alternating perspectives. I find it annoying when the personalities are written so similarly that I have to keep going back to the beginning of the chapter to see who’s chapter it is.

Fortunately, I didn’t feel that way with Matched series. I liked reading the book from Cassia, Xander and Ky’s perspectives and I felt the writing between the characters was distinct enough. Lots of interesting reveals on The Society and The Rising in the final installment.

Shades of Earth…I’m not quite done yet. But that annoying thing I mentioned about alternating storytelling? Yeah, I’m kind of feeling that way in this book. I find myself thinking is this Ender’s chapter or Amy’s? I have to go look, because I can’t remember again.

Their journey down to Centauri-Earth has been quite interesting so far, but I feel that I’ve only just barely scratched the surface on what’s really going on with a good 1/3 of the book still left.

I skimmed through Make the Bread, Buy the Butter (I’d like to take a little more time with it) and never had a chance to pick up On Looking from the library, so I’ll continue with those this week.

This Week’s Reading List

Book Recommendations

Shades of Earth , by Beth Revis

Amy and Elder have finally left the oppressive walls of the spaceshipGodspeed behind. They’re ready to start life afresh–to build a home–on Centauri-Earth, the planet that Amy has traveled 25 trillion miles across the universe to experience.

But this new Earth isn’t the paradise Amy had been hoping for. Godspeed‘s former passengers aren’t alone on this planet. And if they’re going to stay, they’ll have to fight.

The Girls Guide to Love and Supper Clubs, by Dana Bate

Hannah Sugarman seems to have it all. The only problem is that Hannah doesn’t want any of it. What she wants is much simpler: to cook.

When her relationship collapses, Hannah seizes the chance to do what she’s always loved and launches an underground supper club out of her new landlord’s town house. Though her delicious dishes become the talk of the town, her secret venture is highly problematic, given that it is not, technically speaking, legal.

On top of that, Hannah faces various romantic prospects that leave her guessing and confused, parents who don’t support cooking as a career, and her own fears of taking a risk and charting her own path.

The Lost Art of Mixing, Erica Bauermeister 

I just received an ARC of this and I’m so excited because I loved Erica’s first book: The School of Essential Ingredients. It has been a while since I’ve read a food novel, and this week I find myself with two on the list.

Lillian and her restaurant have a way of drawing people together.  A beautifully imagined novel about the ties that bind—and links that break—The Lost Art of Mixing is a captivating meditation on the power of love, food, and companionship.

On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes, by Alexandra Horowitz

You are missing most of what is happening around you right now.

Horowitz encourages us to rediscover the extraordinary things that we are missing in our ordinary activities.

Even when engaged in the simplest of activities – taking a walk around the block – we pay so little attention to most of what is right before us that we are sleepwalkers in our own lives.

What the Kids are Reading

I picked up a copy of The Frances Collection a few years ago for Madeline because I remembered the books from my childhood. Just recently she has taken an interest in them and it has been fun reading the stories with her.

Logan finally finished The Goblet of Fire. Hurrah! What an accomplishment for a 7 year old. I am so proud of him! He will no be deterred from finishing the Harry Potter books before moving on to anything else, so now it is on to book #5 for him.

Kids Book Recommendations

The Frances Collection, by Russell Hoban

Readers first fell in love with Frances over forty years ago and have been faithful fans ever since. Whether she is eating nothing but jam and bread for every meal, or generously giving a coveted present to her sister, Frances never fails to entertain young readers.

Now, for the very first time, three stories about America’s favorite badger are together in one collection to cherish: Best Friends for Frances, Bread and Jam for Frances,and A Birthday for Frances.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter is due to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His best friends Ron and Hermione have been very secretive all summer and he is desperate to get back to school and find out what has been going on. However, what Harry discovers is far more devastating than he could ever have expected…

This is one is not my favorite in the Harry Potter series (those spots are reserved for #4, #6, and #7), so it will be interested to see what Logan thinks and reread parts of it during our bedtime reading.

Share Your Reading List

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What are you reading this week?