Premium Advertisements:

Ad Placement can begin at any time; you don’t need to wait until the beginning of the month. You must provide your own images.

  • 300×250 banner ad, sidebar ad above the fold
  • 300×250 below the first post
  • 160×600 wide skyscraper, just below the 300×250 banner on the sidebar
  • Sponsored posts and/or contests

Contact Federated Media for above the fold inquiries.

Standard Advertisements:

You must provide your own images and format them as jpg or png. No animated advertisements, please. All billing will be done via PayPal and must be paid in full at the beginning of the contract.

  • Extra-Small (150×75), Small (150×150), or Medium (150×250)
  • Below the fold placement
  • Offered month-by-month, quarterly, or yearly
  • Discounts available when purchasing multiple months
  • Special rates available for Mom Owned Businesses and Etsy Shops.
  • Option for a review and/or giveaway when purchasing multiple months

Text Link Advertising: does not accept Text Link Advertising inquiries at this time.

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