Spicy Taco Seasoning

This easy taco seasoning can be made in bulk and keeps for months if stored in an airtight container. Use it on tacos, in soups and stews, and more!

Jar of Spices with spoon

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Creating This Easy Taco Seasoning

Mexican food is constantly in rotation at our house, so I need to keep this easy taco seasoning on hand at all times! I make it in bulk. That way I am not constantly having to whip it up before the meal. I think you’re going to be wanting it on hand too!

We literally eat Mexican food a minimum of once a week. Usually more. I can very easily say it is one of my favorite food groups. That and pizza. I like to choose the healthy foods, as you can see.

I used to buy the taco seasoning packets all the time, and would run out of them just as fast as I could stock the house. I started to really think about what was in those packets though.

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