Leftover Chicken Recipes – 40 Recipes to Make with Chicken Leftovers

Got leftover chicken? Don’t toss it! Check out these 5 different ways to repurpose your chicken leftovers and 40 great chicken leftover recipes ideas to turn that leftover chicken into something completely new – and completely delicious!

chicken leftovers

Leftovers can often be a hot topic. Some people swear by them. Love them. Others can’t stand leftovers.

Most days I love them, but I fall in the camp of can’t stand them when leftovers last more than a day or two beyond the original night.

Leftovers have saved me on many a busy night, whether we have a lot going on after school, have had simply too much fun on a gorgeous summer afternoon to bother with cooking dinner, or when the chef in charge (me!) is under the weather.

What do you do when you’re on day 3 or 4 of leftovers and you are absolutely so over that original meal?

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