15 Healthy Snacks for the New Year

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One of the best ways to stay on track with New Year’s eating goals is to keep hunger and cravings at bay with healthy snacks.

Making sure you have fresh, light, healthy snacks readily available means that instead of reaching for potato chips when you get the munchies, you will be able to enjoy a snack that you won’t hate yourself for later.

Not only am I looking for ways to satisfy my own midday hunger pangs, I also want to make sure my kids are learning healthy snacking habits while they are still young.

These 15 Healthy Snack ideas will ensure that you have tasty, whole food options when snack time rolls around for everyone in the family.

Fruit and Veggie Snack Ideas

Berry Balsamic Lettuce Cups | Good Life Eats

Ham & Cheese Apple Wraps | Some the Wiser

Pomegranate, Raspberry, Nectarine Popsicles | Good Life Eats

Crispy Baked Carrot Chips | Running to the Kitchen

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus | Good Life Eats


On-the-Go Snack Ideas

Chocolate Dipped Nuts | Good Life Eats

Brown Butter Rosemary Popcorn | Good Life Eats

Molasses and Ginger Granola Bars | Good Life Eats

Vegan S’mores Energy Bites | Beard and Bonnet

Hemp Cocoa Bites | Simple Bites



Hearty Whole Grain Snack Ideas

Multi-Grain Banana Bread | Good Life Eats

Whole Wheat Garlic Parmesan Pita Chips | Good Life Eats

Homemade Yogurt Granola Parfaits | Good Life Eats

Gluten Free Strawberry Millet Muffins | Beard and Bonnet

Mini Babybel Bites | Green Light Bites


What are your favorite healthy snack ideas?

I am an official brand advocate for Bel Brands in 2013. While I receive compensation for participation as a brand advocate, opinions are my own.


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