A Call to Action

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On August 31, 2010, food blogger and photographer Erika of IvoryHut lost her home and its entire contents to a tragic fire.

“Our house burned down last night. Barely made it out alive. Homeless, possession-less. But we’re all safe & together. Still richly blessed.” – @IvoryHut

When events such as this strike members of our community we all feel the pull to do something. To help in any way we can. No one person can fix everything, but if we all work together we can make amazing things happen. Alice and Maggy have already put together a blog for Erika called Friends of Ivory Hut. On the blog you can find updates about Erika and fund-raising efforts as well as a PayPal Donations Page.

I hope you’ll consider for a moment this morning what it would be like to lose everything save the clothes on your back. Some of Erika’s family didn’t even have shoes as they fled their home. We are all incredibly blessed and often don’t stop for a moment to think of that. If you can, any amount of donation would be helpful to Erika. Even $1 can make a difference when you multiply that by thousands of people.


In addition to the donation that I’ve already made, I will donate 100% of all earned commission from my Amazon Store for the month of September. So, if you’re feeling spendy or were planning on purchasing something anyway, it would be great if you did so through my affiliate link.

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