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Blue Curaçao Recipes

Blue curaçao (pronounced “cure-ah-souw”) is just orange curaçao that’s been dyed blue! I don’t typically recommend buying neon-colored liquors for cocktails, but in some cocktails, like the Blue Hawaiian, it’s an essential ingredient!

Orange Curaçao is a type of brandy that’s been flavored with the peel of Curaçao oranges. As the name suggests, it used to be made on the island of Curaçao, but these days orange Curaçao doesn’t actually have to be produced on that specific island of to be labeled as such.

Some substitutes for Blue Curaçao you can use include: orange Curaçao, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec. Just note that without the Blue Curaçao your drinks won’t actually be blue!