Easy Red  Beans & Rice

Creamy, flavorful Red Beans and Rice are incredibly easy to prepare using dried beans. Pair with cornbread and a side salad for a hearty meal!

Let’s get started!

Red beans and rice is one of the most popular dishes in Louisiana and comes from the Creole culture. (In this region of the US, the term “Creole” historically referred to anyone of mixed French, Spanish, and / or African descent.)


1. Pour the beans into a colander or strainer and sift through them with your fingers. Discard any beans that are broken, as well as any pieces of stone or debris.


2. Then rinse the beans. After rinsing, transfer them to a pot fill with water. The water should be about 3 inches above the beans.


3. Cover the bowl with a lid or clean towel and soak at room temperature for 12 hours.

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