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I have a really hard time with toys for my daughter Madeline. She’s creative, artsy, loves to play pretend and read, but she’s not really into dolls or dress up (unless it is Halloween) and has grown out of a lot of toys she used to love – like her play kitchen.

Goldie Blox Coupon Code

I really struggled with what to get her this past Christmas. As I browsed the toy aisles there just wasn’t a lot that stood out to me as being a good fit for her.

I really wish I had remembered about GoldieBlox when I was doing my Christmas shopping last year. I had seen some blurbs here and there on them a while back but had totally forgotten about GoldieBlox until I was recently presented with the opportunity to give them a try.

GoldieBlox are obviously made with girls in mind and I love that. I think it is great to see a toy that doesn’t revolve around themes of playing house, taking care of baby dolls, or other traditionally “girl” things (not that those are bad).

At GoldieBlox, their goal is to get girls building. I like Madeline having more options that are made with her in mind – toys that offer the opportunity to build while appealing to the things that she enjoys that are uniquely “girl.”

But what I also loved and didn’t expect? Logan was 100% in with this toy too. It promoted an evening of play between brother and sister. It prompted brother to help teach his little sister how to build these things she was interested in but was having a few challenges completing. And then they did it again the following morning.

My two kids, in some ways, couldn’t be more opposite – both in terms of interests, abilities and the way their brains work. Logan doesn’t really let failure stop him.

When he has a new interest or wants to learn about or how to do something new he gets completely absorbed and doesn’t stop until he’s satisfied. Madeline has a harder time. She takes failure more personally and gets frustrated easily. I’ve seen her give up countless times when it comes to other toys that have very specific how-to build instructions.

Goldie Blox Coupon Code

She did really well with the step-by-step illustrated instructions that came with GoldieBlox compared to other toys with very specific steps and instead of giving up when frustrated, she asked if she was doing it right (mostly, yes) and if she wasn’t she just wanted help getting back on track.

I am so happy to see that that attitude was her response to failure and frustration because that is something, through my experiences and through our experiences together as mother and daughter, that I’ve been trying to help her learn and understand.

Honestly, there is not a day that goes by where I think: I have completely got it ALL together. I didn’t fail once. I did everything right as a mom. There’s nothing I could have done better. And I’ve been totally honest with my kids about that.

I’m a single mom now. Being a mom is hard enough but learning how to be a mom and doing it all alone is a big job. And believe me, there have been plenty of days where (temporarily) it would have been a lot easier to give up. Especially in the last two years.

Being a parent is a learning process. You fail a lot. You learn a lot. But what matters is that the next day you get up and you try again. You might be better at some things and worse at others. You might have a really great day or a really bad day. But the not giving up is the important part.

A huge bonus for me during our GoldieBlox testing was not just that I found a new toy that Madeline really enjoyed but that my two kids, boy and girl, ended up finding a way to have quite a lot of fun together with Goldie Blox. Because that’s not something I’ve seen, really, with ANY of their other toys.

GoldieBlox Coupon Code

For purchases before April 5th, use coupon code Spring2015-ba7c5567 for 20% off GoldieBlox Purchases. Happy Shopping!


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goldieblox coupon code and giveaway

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This post is brought to you by The Motherhood, GoldieBlox and GoodLife Eats. I was provided the same items offered in the giveaway and compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.


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