Start with Feta Cheese

The most recent issue of Real Simple has some great recipe ideas that start with the basic foundation of feta cheese. I marked this article and added it to my magazine recipe binder (more on that next week – it’s a project I’ve been wanting to do for years and am finally tackling!) for ideas during the Athenos Change for the Feta – Summer Salad Month project.


click here for a larger image

I wasn’t able to find the article online yet, so here is a scan of it. The best part is the remaining ingredients are pretty basic and no recipe has more than 4 ingredients to it. I love simple and delicious recipes. Great tasting doesn’t always have to be complicated. I will definitely be giving some of these a try. I especially love the idea of the stuffed tomato. Kind of like a salad, except not in the usual sense. Do you have a favorite, easy feta recipe?