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Meyer Lemon Recipes

You’ll find the juiciest lemons from winter and through early summer. When zesting lemons, make sure you wash the exterior first as lemons often have a waxy coating on the outside.

Make sure to look for Meyer Lemons in the grocery store. They’re a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange and so are a little sweeter than a traditional lemon. Meyer Lemons are available for a short time and are such a treat!

Having a hard time juicing your lemons? Check out these tips how to squeeze the most juice from limes, the same will apply to your lemons!

To browse all of the lemon recipes, head over to search the LemonLemon Juice, or Lemon Zest recipe categories.

Strawberry Scones with Meyer Lemon

I could hardly resist the big, beautiful strawberries on display for Valentine’s Day in the grocery store last week. I walked past them three times. Thought that I’d avoided them before I turned around and bee-lined it right back to the display. SIGH. And then I walked past a bag of Meyer Lemons. With those …

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