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Garden Bountygarde

I am so excited about our garden. Looking at the tally last night of what we’ve harvested so far was mind boggling, especially considering we’ve still got a good couple of months to go. Before I left for my trip, there wasn’t anything on the honeydew vine and now there’s a pretty good sized melon. …

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Nutrition Tips from

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to get some great nutrition advice from Holley Johnson Grainger, M.S., R.D., Food Editor, A lot of my questions felt mom-specific and revolved around eating well, but fast and not spending a ton of money. One thing I’m really struggling with right now is feeding myself lunch. …

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Backyard Garden Update

On a daily basis it doesn’t feel like my garden as grown much, but when I looked at this picture I took just two months ago it is amazing to see the progress! (taken April 14, 2009) We’ve already been enjoying our herbs. It’s so nice to go out back and cut off whatever I …

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Kitchen Fires

We had the experience of a lifetime this afternoon in the kitchen, and not in a good way. Our oven caught fire. Yes, you read that correctly. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Here’s how it went down… While Logan and a friend were coloring in a new Hello Kitty coloring book, I …

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