Kitchen Book Wishlist

I’ve got a few kitchen books on my wish list and thought I’d share them with you. I actually just received a copy of Too Many Cooks from Emily Franklin, though I’m including it on my wish list because I haven’t yet had more than a few moments here and there to really get started on it with all the packing for vacation going on. It sounds fascinating to me, but perhaps that’s because as a mom I have a soft spot for kitchen and family memories. It is definitely making it into my carry-on for airplane reading. Or, at this point, already has, since I’ve written this post in advance.

Quoted from Amazon:

“Emily Franklin’s food memoir Too Many Cooks was born of two simple loves: food and children…Franklin seasons her stories with how-I-did-it advice on cooking and parenting that makes this such a delightful and inspiring read. And with more than 100 simple, mouthwatering dishes, Too Many Cooks is a happy mix of recipes, memories, and good storytelling.”

A mix of great recipes, memories, and good storytelling is what I strive for goodLife {eats} to be.

Have you read any great kitchen books lately – cookbooks, novels, memoirs, or reference books? Please, do share!