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Great Food Books

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life: by Barbara Kingsolver
I read this one last summer. Love how it was so full of information, but entertaining too. Includes lots of great recipes for each season, plus fun commentary on how this family survived a year on only eating local or home grown foods.

The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs: by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg
Just received this last week. So far looks to be a great reference for inspiring delicious flavor combinations. So far I’ve only explored the “Flavor Matchmaking” section of the book. Also includes Learning to Recognize the Language of Food and Communicating Via the Language of Food.

The New Best Recipe: All-New Edition: by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine
I reference this time and time again. I haven’t had a recipe fail on me yet. Love all the information for each recipe’s testing process – the hows and whys of what works and what doesn’t and how the testers got to their version of the “best recipe.” Highly recommend!

The School of Essential Ingredients: by Erica Bauermeister
How I am loving this and don’t want it to end! I’ve been reading it for about a month because I am trying to savor it. Normally I could finish a book like this in just a few days. Love the rich story lines. Don’t want to spoil anything.

Have you found a great cookbook, food reference book, or food novel? What was it?

Garden Fresh Panini with Leftover Roasted Chicken
Garden Fresh Panini
salad with pear, blackberries, and asparagus
Red Leaf Lettuce Salad with Asparagus, Berries, and Pear

Katie @ goodLife {eats}

Friday 24th of April 2009

Maria - Food Matters sounds really interesting! I'm going to see if the library has that.Alison - how fun! I would love to hear more about your book club meeting and what everyone brought. I'm honored that you used a recipe from my blog!Laura Lou - it is well worth the wait! There is lots of stuff on their website to check out during your wait.Laura [What I Like] - I think I have that one marked to try. Sounds so good!Paula Pereira - I read that too. My favorite was the Italy section.The Happy Housewife - they have a great website too.

The Happy Housewife

Thursday 23rd of April 2009

I really want to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I forgot about it until I saw your list. Going to put it on hold at my library right now before I forget again!Toni

Paula Pereira

Thursday 23rd of April 2009

I really loved eat, Pray, love by Elizabeth Gilberth:)

Laura [What I Like]

Thursday 23rd of April 2009

That Cook's Illustrated book is phenomenal...may I recommend that Belgian Beef Stew? I think it's called Carbonnade Flamade? Absolutely delicious.

Laura Lou

Thursday 23rd of April 2009

I'm, like, 2099567 in line for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle at the library!!