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Lunch Rerun

I still have not made it grocery shopping this week (besides picking up some bell peppers and fruit at Costco). Things have been pretty busy and when they’re not I’ve been inclined to just stay at home to relax. It’s been a little harder than I though getting back into the routine after a nice long Christmas break with Eric at home for 11 days before he had to go back to work. There is always the dilemma of what is for dinner when I haven’t had the chance to grocery shop and didn’t plan meals in advance very well – something I’m hoping to do improve on. Between random items in the pantry, freezer, fridge, and the peppers I bought at Costco, I was able to do a rerun of sorts from the previous day’s lunch with the addition of some Italian Sausage. I guess it was a good thing that I accidentally bought twice as much kale as I needed for the soup last week.

Rainbow Vegetable and Rotini Pasta Toss with Sausage

The recipe is essentially the same, just made in larger proportions, except for 2 things: The addition of 4 links sweet Italian Sausage, browned and sliced and the substitution of whole wheat rotini (radiatore was all used up at lunch because it was just a partial box). Madeline really loves this whole wheat rotini, so I always have a couple boxes on hand. I definitely liked the addition of sausage for dinner, but liked the lighter dish for lunch.
mmm mmm brownies!
Steak Pizzaiola and Pasta with Roasted Vegetables
Steak Pizzaiola with Roasted Vegetables and Pasta