Oven Cleaning Made Easy…Yes, Easy!

Confession: In the 2 1/2 years I’ve lived in my house I have not cleaned the oven once. I’m also not the original owner and I honestly can’t remember what state it was in when I moved in. I’ve been dealing with a minimum of 2 1/2 years of food blogger mess inside my oven.

Just take a look:

Not to mention the recent melted marshmallows that ended up all over the bottom of the oven when I was testing recipes for these Mini Sweet Potato Tarts. Originally they were going to be bars and I put a few too much marshmallow topping for the top layer. Couple that with a busy Saturday of kids running in and out of the kitchen and there was definitely a moment or two when I wasn’t paying as much attention to the oven as I probably should have been.

When Easy-Off® Oven Cleaner asked if I would be interested in giving their product a try I was all in. Oven cleaner and the word “Easy” in the same sentence. Please, sign me up! I hate cleaning my oven. Anything to make it easier, especially as the holidays approach, sounds great to me.

This year I am hosting my brother, and Erin (my brother’s girlfriend), and my sister along with me and the kiddos for Christmas. I’ve been slowly dejunking and organizing the house room by room in preparation for their arrival in a a couple of weeks.

Stressing about getting my house ready for guests is about the absolute last thing I want to deal with during the holidays. I would much rather spend my family time making Christmas cookies and candies, singing Christmas carols with the kids as I clumsily plunk away on the piano, decorating the tree, drinking hot cider, sledding, decorating gingerbread houses, or playing Christmas book bingo.

Easy-Off® Oven Cleaner took the stress out of cleaning up the melted marshmallow mess from the bottom of my oven as well as the 2 1/2+ years of caked on general mess. I can actually see through the window very clearly in my oven now. The oven lights are significantly brighter as they are no longer coated in splattered on residue of past recipes, and it hardly took any time at all.

Look how well it worked:

I also liked that Easy-Off® Oven Cleaner didn’t have any horrible smells or fumes. There was a light fresh scent but that was it. I didn’t even opt for the “Heavy Duty” formula and the cleaner was still able to penetrate years of baked on grease and other mess. I found out that this formula can be used for daily spot cleaning, something that would be smart to do next time I find myself in need of cleaning up overflowed marshmallow stickyness.

Easy-Off® Oven Cleaner is available at Walmart; Visit EasyOff.us to learn more

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Easy Off . The opinions and text are all mine.