Branch Basics Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies Coupon Code

Last fall I was introduced to Branch Basics Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies.

I will admit that I was a little bit skeptical about how well Branch Basics would clean my house.

It turns out that I didn’t need to be skeptical at all.

Since last fall I’ve been using these products to clean my kitchen and bathrooms.

I’ve added it to my laundry, and we use the foaming hand soap.

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Branch Basics Starter KitMy Favorite Non Toxic Cleaning Supplies

I love that the products are non-toxic and gentle on my body and the air in our home.

They really do get the job done and are by no means “gentle” when it comes to their cleaning power.

I have been really happy with how clean my home looks and feels after using Branch Basics.

As my kids are older and are more capable of helping out with some of the cleaning around the house I appreciate that they can do so without harmful chemicals.

I don’t have to worry about them touching the cleaner or breathing harmful chemicals in.


The Branch Basics Concentrate is unscented but Branch Basics offers scented oils that you can add, like this Coconut Lime Wildcrafted Scent Oil

My bathroom smelled amazing after cleaning it using cleaners that I scented using that oil.

The smell is so much better than traditional cleaners that I was actually a little bit excited to clean my bathroom and enjoy the nice scent.

About Branch Basics Non Toxic Cleaners

Branch Basics Concentrate is a 100% plant-based soap made with no synthetic ingredients.

Branch Basics soap not only removes dirt, dust, grease and grime, it removes the residue left behind by previous cleaners.

For more details about Branch Basics including questions about the soap, the environment, the economics of Branch Basics and more, please visit their FAQ section.

Branch Basics Concentrate

How is Branch Basics Non Toxic


Not irritating to eyes, skin, or lungs.

Not harmful if accidentally ingested.


Our coconut oil, enzymes and fatty acids come from edible, leafy green plants and our baking soda comes straight from the earth.


No fragrance, parabens, preservatives, harmful VOC, SLS, no triclosan, BPA-free.


Biodegradable in 30 days or less.


Not tested on animals and formulated without animal byproducts.


We will never use genetically-modified ingredients.

Branch Basics Non Toxic Products

The cool thing is all of the liquid products are made using the same non toxic cleaner concentrate.

I’m not buying a bunch of different products that contain a bunch of different chemicals.

You use so little of the concentrate so it lasts a long time and has been really cost effective for us.

Non Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner

All-Purpose Cleaner is what I use most frequently.

It tackles all of the dirty counters in the kitchen, the stove top, inside the microwave, the top of the washing machine.

I even spray it inside the kitchen sink after I’ve scrubbed it out.

Branch Basics All-Purpose Cleaner

Non Toxic Streak-Free Cleaner

You make Streak-Free Cleaner using water and a very small amount of Branch Basics Concentrate.

I use this on my bathroom mirrors, the front of my stainless steel appliances.

I have really dark granite in my kitchen and the Streak-Free Cleaner is great to use on that whenever there is build up or they are really dirty and need a little extra shine.

Non Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner is what I use for the showers, bathtubs, bathroom counters, and the outside of the toilet.

It has a little more strength than the All-Purpose Cleaner so it is perfect for dirtier jobs.

Non Toxic Foaming Hand Soap

We have the Foaming Hand Soap in all of our bathrooms and at the kitchen sink.

I love that the concentrate is so gentle on my skin.

My hands get really dry and traditional cleaners and hand soaps only make it worse.

Branch Basics says that it can be used for more than just hands.

Try it out for washing your wash, hair, body as well as for shaving and removing make-up.

It’s safe for babies and pets as well.

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost

Non Toxic Laundry Whitener 

Branch Basics Pure Oxygen Boost whitens and brightens fabrics and remove stains and odors, yet keeps you and your family safe from fragrances, binding agents, solvents, etc.

The package comes with a plastic, 1 oz (2 Tablespoons) scoop.

  • No bleach.
  • No ammonia.
  • No dyes.
  • No fragrances. 
  • Safe for septic tanks

I love to add a scoop of this to my laundry loads, especially to our whites and extra stinky loads (think gym clothes and soccer uniforms!)

Where to Use Branch Basics

Branch Basics has so many uses!

For more details on where and how to use these awesome non-toxic cleaning supplies, be sure to check out the Branch Basics User Guide.

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Hand and Body
  • Stain Fighting
  • Wood Floors and Surfaces
  • Surfaces that need a Streak-Free finish

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