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Kitchen Tip: Lining Pans with Parchment

Parchment is a baker’s best friend! It has so many great uses, but I thought I’d show you one of my favorites here: How to line a baking pan with parchment. Now, you might be thinking…why would I want to do that? It’s great when you need to lift the entire whatever it is your baking, in this case – brownies, out of the pan intact.

how to line a pan with parchment paper for baking

It’s also great if the pan is vintage (like this one) and you’re not sure if you should be baking on it. The inside has a bit of rust, but it’s a super pretty presentation. There are probably other reasons, but those are the situations I find myself in most often. So here we go…

How to Line a Baking Pan with Parchment:

First, roll out your parchment paper. Place the pan on top and cut out a square (or rectangle…obviously a circle would have a different method) that is about 2 inches larger all around the edges.

how to line a pan with parchment

Next, cut a two inch slit on each of the four edges of the parchment. This will help the parchment fold neatly inside the pan. I think it helps with the end result of what you’re baking actually maintain neater edges.

how to line a pan with parchment paper - brownies

Bake per your recipe instructions and then let your final results cool if need be. Then, you can either cut a piece or two out of the pan (look – no sticking!) or lift the entire mass out at once. It’s great to be able to lift it out all at once if you need to cut everything in perfectly even servings, or want to do something like cut with cookie cutters. Viola! Works for me!


Saturday 26th of November 2022

Even better, soak the parchment paper in water, squeeze out all the water and wipe off any remaining moisture with a towel. The paper will now form to just about any shape!


Friday 25th of May 2018

I always use parchment when making cookies but only recently started using it when making bars or brownies. Not only do they come out of the pan easier, but I find the edges don't get over baked or hard like they did before! Here's a tip I got watching Martha Stewart -- use metal clips (binder clips) to keep the parchment in place in before pouring the batter into the prepared pan. Works like a charm! In my case, I remove the clips before baking the bars but as long as you're using metal clips, you can leave them on the pan while baking.

Tickled Red

Thursday 9th of December 2010

LOL...I need to buy stock in parchment paper from doing this so much :) Great tips for using with the vintage pan!

Sandra J

Wednesday 8th of December 2010

Parachment paper has become my new best friend. I use it when doing ribs or wings as well as when baking. Love, love, love it. Your web site is GreaT.

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Wednesday 8th of December 2010

LOVE this tip...perfect timing for holiday baking!