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  1. A little confused – not enough liquid to make the glaze with ingredients listed. Did anyone else have this trouble?

    • if it is too thick, try adding a little milk until you reach the consistency you desire.

  2. Amazing recipe – smells delicious even as you make them!

  3. Saw this recipe linked on Maria's blog and I had to come over and say hi and check out the recipe. These look scrumptious. I love scones of any type.

  4. The glaze. The glaze is enough for me – looks so delicious, and I love a sweeter scone, so the pear would be perfect. They look so light, too – delicious!

  5. What a fun way to spend time with another foodie friend! Those scones look incredible!

  6. Scones look delish!!! I am surprised to see strawberries and blackberries in January though; I will have to save this recipe for the summer when I can find all three of those fresh and in season. Thanks Katie for the recipe.

  7. Are you serious? These are incredible! Yummy and great photos!

  8. The scones looked so amazing! I like the glaze so much! I am now drooling over the photos!

  9. Those sound delicious. Dry scones are the worst and these look so moist!

  10. wow! these are so beautiful. Ill need to give these a whirl, for whatever reason making scones always intimidates me!

  11. I only started making scones last month and am hooked. They are fairly simple to make and delish! I wish I could've been a fly on the wall when you guys cook this wonderful menu! The pictures are lovely.

  12. Popped in from Maria's! It's so refreshing to find delicious and healthy looking baked goods on a cooking site! And I love pears!