Stocking Stuffers for the Kitchen Lover

I’m normally so on top of Christmas shopping. Usually done by the day after Thanksgiving with the exception of little things for the stockings. What’s the status this year? Things have definitely been busier with a 4 1/2 year old, a 2 year old, writing for Paula, Craft, and goodLife {eats}. I have been keeping a mental list of who would get what, but didn’t actually begin shopping until last weekend. The kids are mostly shopped for, but I still have Eric and a couple of close friends to buy gifts for.

If you’re like me and getting a late start, here are some fun ideas for the kitchen lover in your life. Or maybe a little something for yourself? I won’t tell! Small kitchen gadgets come in a range of prices and make great stocking stuffers as well as gifts. Pairing a treat with a gadget you used to make the treat and the recipe for the treat would make a great gift for a special person.

Silicone Basting Brush $6.99
Measuring Spoons $15.45
Cookie Scoop $11.99
Pastry Blender $11.95
Microplane Zester $14.95
Cherry Pitter $12.99
Meat Tenderizer $12.61

For more ideas, check out my hand-picked recommendations in the goodLife {eats} Amazon Store And now for what I really want to know: What’s on your list this year? Are you done shopping? Or barely just started? Or somewhere in the middle?

My Christmas wish is for a new camera. I’m feeling tired and limited by this little point and shoot that’s been so good to me and I’m ready to move on to something with more options.