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Summertime Entertainment – Crafts!

I am revisiting a post I originally wrote for Happy to be at Home. School is out here and it’s time for summer entertainment. This week has definitely been an adjustment for us – me getting used to less time where I can get things done without interruption and Logan getting used to a different routine. We’re only a week in and I can tell that Logan isn’t at his peak behavior because he’s bored. With swim lessons and summer camp scheduled on our calendar throughout the next two months we are in for some fun, but we’re going to need some activities to do at home too. This pasta craft is one that we had fun with before and should bring back again.

Since my 4 year old, Logan, doesn’t nap anymore, many afternoons find us in the kitchen working on some food related project. I love this special time together. Fun memories are made. Skills are learned. Conversations are shared. The kitchen is a great place to bond with your child and an inexpensive way to ease that afternoon boredom (which too often results in cranky kiddos!). He is particularly a fan of helping me bake. Instinctively, he knows that baking almost always involves sugar and frequently involves chocolate (such a smart boy!), but today I had a different project in mind for us. This time it is something a little different than our usual because it isn’t an edible project, but it most definitely involves food and the kitchen.

Since Logan is so into his letters and learning to spell right now, I labeled each bag with the color name in the corresponding color marker and let him pick which pasta would go with each color. We mixed up the colors and the pasta right away after lunch since they need to soak for a few hours. Logan had lots of fun squeezing the dye in and picking different colors to go with different pastas.

This dyed pasta is great for all sorts of different toddler and preschool activities – color sorting, necklace and bracelet making, gluing onto paper for brightly colored pasta art, shape sorting, etc. We did a couple different activities with the pasta for the better part of an hour once it was done drying. His favorites were making the necklace and writing family member’s names with glue and putting pasta on them. We had such a fun afternoon together!

Dyed Pasta For Crafts
via Tutus and Turtles

  • food coloring
  • dried pasta (any kind)
  • rubbing alcohol
  • Ziploc bags

Place pasta in Ziploc bag. Double bag or place in a Tupperware bowl in case of leaks. Completely cover the noodles with rubbing alcohol. Mix in food coloring. Let the noodles sit to absorb color. The longer they sit, the deeper the color – overnight is ideal. Once desired color is reached, drain liquid (do not rinse) and dry noodles on cookie sheets. Be creative and have fun!

Katie @ goodLife {eats}

Monday 6th of July 2009

Janel - you can tape the end of the string/yarn so it is stiff and pointy. We didn't use a needle, just threaded with plain string.


Monday 6th of July 2009

this looks great! hoping we can do this for a bday party this weekend -- what do you use to string the string through the noodles? is there something less sharp than a needle that can be used?


Tuesday 30th of June 2009

Just tried this with red and blue for patriotic crafts for this weekend! Turned out great! Thanks for the tip!


Tuesday 30th of June 2009

Just tried this with red and blue for patriotic crafts for the 4th this weekend! Thanks for the tip!


Monday 1st of June 2009

I've always wondered how to make colored pasta! Thanks!