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Strawberry Recipes

Does spring have you looking forward to sweet, juicy strawberries? It feels like that when strawberries start coming into season you know that the warm weather is on its way to stay.

In season strawberries will be a deep, shiny red color. Look for berries that are plump without blemishes (though you can always cut those out if you need to). Ripe strawberries will have a strawberry scent and be medium in firmness. Hard berries that are partially white are not ripe yet – and berries do not continue to ripen like other fruits once picked.

Because strawberries are so fragile, be careful when storing so they don’t bruise, which will only cause them to spoil faster. They’re best stored dry and in a container with airflow. Wash just before using so they stay fresher longer as the excess moisture will cause spoiling and mold.

If you’re looking for a recipe to make with strawberries, you’ll find all of the best strawberry recipes here!

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Freezing strawberries is a wonderful way to enjoy summer’s harvest year-round! This guide explains how to freeze strawberries, answers FAQ about thawing frozen strawberries and using them in recipes.