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Thanksgiving How-To Articles

Can you tell I’ve been busy? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the less frequent posts the past week or two. I hope to get back on schedule so I can share all my delicious kitchen finds. It sort of threw me for a loop when I had to cook a Thanksgiving feast last week! You’re probably wondering why I’d do that. We just had Halloween!

Over at Craftzine I’m doing a 4 week series to help you get ready for the holiday. This week’s feature is a How-To article on brining and roasting your turkey, plus the recipes you’ll need for the brine and a garlic herb butter to slather all over the turkey. The leftover turkey carcass from this recipe makes the best homemade turkey broth, but you’ll have to stay tuned throughout the month for that recipe, along with ideas for your side dishes and our family’s favorite pumpkin pie recipe. For now, you can check out this week’s recipe over at Craftzine.


Sunday 8th of November 2009

Good for you Katie! I think it's awesome that you are so busy and doing so many wonderful things. Now, can you come to my house and make the turkey for me? This vegetarian has no idea how to do it. :)


Thursday 5th of November 2009

I saw this yesterday and commented, looking forward to trying the brine! :)