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Thanksgiving Menu 2009

Are you ready for tomorrow? I am! My dad lives out in the country, so we went “into town” yesterday to do the last of the grocery shopping before the big meal. I was so impressed with what a great grocery store this small town has. It’s a local chain and really it’s probably better than any Albertson’s or Smith’s we have back home in terms of the selection. Their produce is more expensive than Sunflower Farmer’s Market where I like to shop for produce, but the rest of the store has incredible sales that I never see.

You really need to have your grocery list done and follow it because there’s no running to the store for one or two items here. I could do it in 15 minutes total back at home, but at dad’s it takes 15 minutes just to get to the store. We loaded up yesterday, but still managed to forget 4 things we needed. Luckily Dad is heading to the airport this afternoon and can pick those items up on the way home.

The kids are having an absolute ball here. They both love the huge piles of leaves to jump in and Logan is so excited to ride the tractor (we had to pick up a new battery for it yesterday, otherwise he would have already ridden on it). I didn’t grow up here, Dad moved after Eric and I had married, but even though I’d go nuts with all the “going into town” with two kids in town, this break away from it all is just what I needed.

Anyway…our menu is set and ready to go. I prepped the pie crusts last night and they’re chilling in the fridge till I roll them out tonight for the pies. I also got all the veggie chopping done and today I’m going to do a couple more things, probably the stuffing at least, to make for less work and more visiting with family tomorrow. Here’s our menu. What’s on yours?

Flat Cranberry Apple Pie
How To Make Homemade Turkey or Chicken Stock
Homemade Turkey or Chicken Stock

Barbara Bakes

Wednesday 25th of November 2009

Next year I'm definitely brining the turkey! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Wednesday 25th of November 2009

Your menu sounds fabulous!! We'll be having roast turkey, cornbread stuffing, chunky cranberry sauce (my specialty!!), baked sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie, and walnut date bread (the desserts are my specialities too, haha).Have a very happy Thanksgiving!!


Wednesday 25th of November 2009

I don't even have a menu, how sad is that. I am still not sure what we will do. I am honestly thinking cereal...ha! Something very easy! Enjoy your feast!! Happy Thanksgiving!