Madeline’s Handwriting

Madeline just started kindergarten this year and she was only 4 when the year first began. As the youngest in her class she has been working very hard to catch up with the rest of the group.

She regularly asks me to give her homework assignments so she can practice her letters and is so proud whenever she spots a “popcorn word” (words like: is, the, and, etc.) in a book.

If only you could have seen how she was writing her name at the beginning of the year – mostly a mix of scribbles and random letters that didn’t spell anything – you would see what a vast improvement this was. Today she wrote her name completely unassisted with no mistakes for the first time. Not only that, but her letters were so careful and legible.

Madeline immediately asked me to take a picture of it because she was so proud. Way to go, Madeline! I love you sweetie!

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