Target X SoulCycle – Denver

Target X SoulCycle

Working out is so much more fun when you’re doing it in clothes that you feel good in, right? I totally cannot get into exercising if I am wearing ill-fitting athletic apparel. It just makes be feel sloppy and gross.

I have long been a fan of Target’s athletic apparel, so I was super excited to hear that Target collaborated with SoulCycle to create a gorgeous curated collection. The clothes attractive, reasonably priced and really comfortable.

Target X SoulCycle

To launch this awesome partnership, SoulCycle X Target are bringing fans a three-day pop-up SoulCycle experience to 10 cities across the country! I had the opportunity to experience one of these fun, and complimentary, classes here in Denver.

I’m telling you, if you live in any of the following cities you need to get yourself signed up for one of these classes: Miami and Chicago are this weekend, and Los Angeles and Minneapolis are next weekend.

Head over to the class sign up page to get more details, including when sign ups become available, class schedules, and more. Exercising in a class-like format is definitely what I prefer when working out. I find it to be much more fun than working out solo.

Target X SoulCycle

Everyone in the class and the instructor contribute a fun energy that you can feed off of, plus the social aspect makes everything more fun.

Unlike other cycle classes that I’ve attended, where the focus was primarily lower body and getting in the most miles possible, the SoulCycle class was a great balance of cardio and strength training – not just for the lower body.

Target X SoulCycle

We cycled while lifting weights to tone our upper bodies, did pushups against the handlebars, and plenty of moves that left my core pretty sore the next day.

I loved the feel of the class – lots of great music was playing which helped keep me motivated – and the instructor had great energy.

And did I mention the social aspect? Prior to the class there was lots of chatting in the lobby from other attendees and the employees. Our instructor was really friendly and took time to chat with all the attendees after the class as well.

I brought a friend with me and it was a really fun girl’s morning followed by lunch on the way home….and definitely some soreness the next day, but that’s always good because I like being able to tell that my body worked hard.

Target X SoulCycle

Here are a few of the great products from the collection that Target and SoulCycle have curated.

Like I mentioned, I’m a big fan of making sure you have athletic apparel that you feel good in, but I also think it is super important to fuel your body with great nutrients by taking daily vitamins, snacking, and drinking healthy.

I love these KIND Bars and Suja Juices for a post-workout snack. And these Yes To skin care products help my skin feel fresh once I’ve cleaned up after exercise.

Target X SoulCycle

Have you ever attended a SoulCycle class?

This post was sponsored by Target.

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