Kitchen Tip: How to Measure Partial Eggs

Have you ever wanted to make a half a recipe of something but there are an odd number of eggs in the original? Me too. Take last week for example.

I wanted to make these Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes to experiment with a new frosting recipe. But I did not want 30 cupcakes. The original recipe calls for 3 eggs, which might seem problematic, but it really isn’t.

how to measure partial eggs

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5 Easy Steps to Measure a Partial Egg

1. Crack your egg into a bowl.

2. Hand whisk the egg until the yolk and white are thoroughly combined.

3. Measure the number of tablespoons (or teaspoons) from the single whisked egg. I measure out a tablespoon at a time and transfer it to another small bowl.

One large egg contains approximately 3 tablespoons, but you’ll want to measure the eggs you typically purchase for accuracy.

4. If you need a half an egg, measure out half of the total whisked amount, i.e. 1 1/2 tablespoons.

5. Add the partial amount to your recipe, then add the remaining amount of egg and proceed with the rest of the recipe. (i.e. you need 1 1/2 eggs: add the measured 1/2 egg and one whole egg)

Not only does this tip apply to when you want to cut a recipe down, but it can also help you if you want to make more – perhaps not a double batch, but maybe 1 1/2 of a batch.

For instance, say the original recipe makes 1 dozen cupcakes, but you need to bring 18 cupcakes to your child’s classroom party. Just a little bit of math and measuring and you’ll be ready to go.

how to measure half of an egg

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