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4-Ingredient Cookie Butter Blondies

These 4-Ingredient Cookie Butter Blondies whip up in just a few minutes for a quick after school treat. Add in a few mini chocolate chips for an optional 5th ingredient and a tasty touch of chocolate. Or, try adding in some colorful confetti sprinkles (the flat, round sprinkle type) to turn this into super cute funfetti cookie butter blondies.

4 Ingredient Cookie Butter Blondies Recipe

My kids love coming home to a treat after school. They got a little spoiled when their Grandma was visiting last spring, and the spring before that as well, and she had their favorite Homemade Fudgy Brownies or a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies waiting for them almost every day after school.

Sadly, I cannot compete with Grandma’s after school snacks. Even though they’re both my recipes, it just isn’t the same if Grandma isn’t the one doing the spoiling.

4 Ingredient Cookie Butter Blondies

These 4 Ingredient Cookie Butter Blondies are the perfect solution, though! They hardly took me any time to make. Probably only about 5 minutes from start to popping them in the oven. The ingredients are super duper simple and stuff that I mostly always have on hand…unless it is one of those weeks that I never make it to the grocery store because there is no time.

Head over to Good Cook to learn how to make these 4-Ingredient Cookie Butter Blondies.

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