Leftover Turkey Sandwiches on Sweet Potato Rolls

The other day I shared some tips for Recipes for Leftover Turkey: Reducing Thanksgiving Waste (plus a few safety tips for freezing leftover turkey meat), but I couldn’t head out to my family Thanksgiving celebrations without sharing one more leftover turkey recipe with you

What is Thanksgiving without turkey sandwiches made from the leftover meat?

I love this recipe for turkey sandwiches with Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls as the bread.

Top them with a little Cranberry Orange Walnut Relish and you’ve got one amazingly delicious and quick sandwich made from your leftovers.

We’ve made these rolls three times just so we can make the sandwiches again.

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Leftover Turkey Sandwiches on Sweet Potato Rolls


Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls
Cranberry Orange Walnut Relish or your favorite cranberry sauce
Leftover turkey
Thinly sliced swiss cheese


Warm the rolls if they are leftovers. Cut the rolls in half. Add a layer of sliced cheese and turkey to the bottom half of each roll. Top with cranberry sauce. Place the other half of the roll on the top. Enjoy!

adapted from adapted from Day After Turkey Cranberry Panini

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