One Pot Pasta: Sundried Tomato Spinach

This super simple version of one pot pasta features fresh spinach and sun dried tomatoes for a pop of flavor and color. Mix it up by adding the protein of your choice – Italian Sausage or Chicken are both great! – or keep it as a simple meatless dinner option.

One Pot Pasta: Sundried Tomato Spinach

My mom was the kind of cook who, while completely capable of following a recipe or trying something new, typically stuck to the same 10 or so dinner recipes over the course of my childhood.

As I got older I remember thinking “Doesn’t she get sick of making the same thing all the time? I’m kind of tired of eating it!”

I vowed that I would never make the same dinner every week when I was a mom. For the most part, I don’t make the same thing all of the time, because food blogging doesn’t allow for that.

One Pot Pasta: Sundried Tomato Spinach

I don’t think I fully appreciated how my mom must have felt making dinner for our family night after night, regardless of what her days were like. We always had a homemade meal that was both tasty and healthy.

I didn’t view my mom as someone who had bad days, or just didn’t feel like cooking, or was tired and wished someone else would (or could) just make dinner for a change.

I totally think she must have felt those things often, and maybe that’s why our dinner routine was fairly simplified, because I totally feel like that about half the nights cooking for my kids. I think my mom was just better than I am at not putting those feelings on display for the rest of the family.

One Pot Pasta: Sundried Tomato Spinach

I think it is good that my kids know that their mom is a person too, who has feelings, gets tired, and occasionally just doesn’t want to deal…but sometimes I definitely think I could let them see a little less of that person.

So, this Sundried Tomato Spinach One Pot Pasta is perfect for nights that I just don’t want to deal with dinner. It is a fix it and forget it recipe for the most part. Its meatless, so I don’t have to worry about taking meat out to thaw.

Its the best kind of pantry meal – seriously, I always have pasta, milk, cheese, spinach (by the way, did you know you can freeze spinach?), and sun dried tomatoes – if I haven’t planned ahead because it still looks like I kind put some effort into dinner even though it took practically zero thought or time to make.

If you want to dress this recipe up a little more, it is a great base. Here are a few ideas:

One Pot Pasta Mix Ins:

  • Italian Sausage + Fresh Basil
  • Canned or Marinated Artichoke Hearts + Kalamata Olives + Fresh Oregano + Lemon Juice + Feta Garnish
  • Red Bell Peppers + Sauteed Mushrooms
  • Grilled Chicken Strips

One Pot Pasta: Sundried Tomato Spinach

I love a good, easy recipe like this Sundried Tomato Spinach One Pot Pasta, especially when I have the option to dress it up a little bit if time allows. I think of it as my dinner cheat sheet.

Head over to Good Cook to learn how to make these One Pot Pasta: Sundried Tomato Spinach.

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Have you ever made a one pot pasta recipe?