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The Best Recipes to Make this Year

New year and time for some new recipes! These are the best recipes to make this year – 25 recipes you need to try (according to Good Life Eats readers)! Plus 10 Honorable Mentions for your favorite kitchen tips and tricks.

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What Recipes Should I Make This Year?

There are so many delicious recipe here on Good Life Eats, and a quick browse through the recipe index will show you that there are more recipes than you could even make in one year.

But, today I’m sharing our top 25 best recipes – easy dinner recipes, easy dessert recipes, comfort food recipes, and everything in between!

I didn’t pick the recipes, so my bias definitely isn’t here. These are the 25 most popular recipes according to the readers! Plenty of these recipes have dozens of 5 star reviews, so you know they’ll be good. Later, maybe I’ll have to make a post of what my favorites and most used recipes for the year are.

Have you made any of the recipes on this list? Or, did you have a favorite recipe of your own from 2020 that I need to make this year? I’d love to hear what your must-have recipes are!

What About Popular Posts That Aren’t Recipes?

Yep, I’ve got those for you too! After the top 25 recipes, you’ll find, listed #10 to #1, the most helpful kitchen tips from 2020. Wondering how to freeze something? There are several freezing tutorials on the list this year, and so many other great ideas and tricks to make cooking easier!

The Best Recipes to Make this Year

Looking for some tried and true recipes to make this year? Here are our most popular and best reviewed recipes from #25 to #1.

Honorable Mentions - Top 10 Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips and Trick were very popular this year, too, and so plenty of those were found within the top 50 posts.

I'd think it is a safe bet that a lot of these posts were popular due to the circumstances of 2020 and people trying to preserve their food as long as possible to avoid going to the store.

Other posts must have been popular due to the increase in staying home and baking as a hobby.

What Were the Top Recipes for 2019?

I updated the main list from last year, but some of you might still be interested in what the top recipes of 2019 were. So, I am including 2019’s top 25 recipes here below. If you made any of these recipes, I’d love to know what you think!

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  1. How to Smoke a Turkey
  2. Honey Mustard Chicken
  3. Easy Homemade Fudgy Brownies
  4. Crock Pot Mexican Chicken
  5. Ultimate Easy Nachos
  6. Easy Smoked Chicken
  7. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Balsamic
  8. Homemade Cough Syrup
  9. BBQ Chicken Rub
  10. Strawberry Fool
  11. Supreme Veggie Pizza
  12. Perfect Baked Potatoes
  13. Fall Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin
  14. Copycat Olive Garden Salad
  15. Marinated Olives
  16. Raspberry Curd
  17. Almond Butter Cookies
  18. Apple Cider Sage Turkey Brine
  19. The Best Smoked Pork Shoulder
  20. Italian Chicken, Mushroom, and Zucchini Skillet
  21. Garlic Bacon Sauteed Green Beans with Roasted Mushrooms
  22. Easy Pumpkin Pudding
  23. Chocolate Banana Almond Milk Smoothie
  24. Instant Pot Beef Ragu with Pappardelle
  25. Copycat Subway Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

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